When I was 21, I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I’d go to law school and train to be a lawyer who would, somehow, automatically know what to do with her life. But I’m not doing that and I don’t. This will, more or less, be a chronicle of my move from one end of the country (Oklahoma) to another (Delaware), while I search for the perfect job.

Occasionally, I may talk about my love for french toast, why I think it’s absolutely necessary to have seen Sixteen Candles at least once in your life (or eight times in the span of three months. Whatever.), or how insane it is that my dogs never get tired of me throwing the same ball for them to run after.

If you’re ever interested in knowing more about what I’ve done withe my life or even what I’m currently doing, feel free to check out my resume, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

When you decide that you don’t give a shit about any of that, just know this:

  • I think everyone should own a hammock in the summertime because they’re optimal reading spots.
  • The beach is the best place to take a nap.
  • I think cats are okay, but dogs will always win the blue ribbon of my heart.
  • Coffee is always supremely important.
  • Concerts are fun.
  • I like food. Any kind. All of it.
  • Except onions.
  • I really love emails.

2 responses to “About

  1. Alex, A couple of things. 1) I love the blog. I am always entertained by the posts and tweets. Keep up the good work. 2) I just started working at LivingSocial and want to encourage you not to give up. The company is growing at an exponential rate and is definitely looking for cool, smart people to join. Unfortunately, I don’t work in HR and cannot help much further than offering moral support. Rest assured you will find something great. I know looking for a full time job can be incredibly disheartening.

    Are you looking to make the move to DC? Feel free to reach out to me, if there is anything I can do to help! Best of luck!


    • Kimberly,

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate both the support and the interest! I haven’t given up on job hunting just yet, but you’re right in that it can be very disheartening! I recently moved to Delaware from Oklahoma, so a move to DC isn’t currently in the cards, but if something new and exciting were to come into play, I wouldn’t think twice about making the move!

      Appreciate your kind words and support, again! Thank you.


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